Phragmites Cost Share

Since 2008 the Platte Valley Weed Management Area (PVWMA) and West Central Weed Management Area (WCWMA) collectively received grants and contributions from partners to control invasive phragmites and other invasive vegetation within channels of the Platte River. In total approximately 28,000 acres of phragmites have been treated with herbicide and 2,500 acres of dead biomass have been mechanically removed. A total of $3.5 million has been spent on this project. Historic grant and partner money covered 100% costs of invasive species control within active channels of the Platte River. In other areas such as back water sloughs, side channels or other riparian areas PVWMA and WCWMA is able to cost share invasive control efforts with landowners.

Current and future grant funds to continue 100% cost share within active river channel are reduced and uncertain. In 2010 phragmites was added to the states noxious weed list, meaning landowners are now required by law to control infestations. WMA’s will continue monitoring and maintaining previous control work and are offering a cost share program.

WMA’s are planning to continue main flowing channel maintenance work by helicopter and airboat. The need to work on backwaters, side channels and tributaries is extremely high as those remaining infestation are supplying seed source to main channels. WMA’s are offering a cost share program where the herbicide will be supplied but landowner is required to furnish application costs.